How to create Backlinks

How to create powerfull backlinks With Some Of The free guest Posting and Article Submission Websites .

What is backlinks ?

Backlinks Are The Most Common technique that are use to improve The serp Of Blog or Websites in Search engines.

Types Of backlinks :-

There Are mainly two types Of backlinks one Of The is doffolow and Otherwise Are nö follow noch Are helps in serps Results But dofollow backlinks Are dominant over nofollow backlinks. It okay vital role in increasing Traffic Of The Blog or Websites.

How to create backlinks with High da Pa Websites such As Medium :-

Medium Has High Domain authority As well As High page authority thats helps US to Get permanent do follow backlinks from Their Websites, for that WE have to visit Medium Tuen Signp for The Editor Account that is absolutely free Now You have to create a Article on your targeted topic with interlinking to that Article to our Main Blog or Websites that hell Users to redirect on our Blog or Websites Now publish that Post on your Profile Of Medium and Now You can See that interlinking with that Article on Medium hell our Blog to Get permanent doffolow backlinks that Get More Traffic .

Web 2.0 backlinks :-

Web 2.0 backlinks Are best way to create powerfull backlinks for your Blog or Website Some Of The examples Of web 2.0 backlinks Are wordpress , blogger And Google site These Are The examples Of web 2.0 backlinks so for creating backlinks from all These Websites WE have to create Unique Article and interlinking Of targeted keywords To the Main Blog or Websites helps US to improve our Website Traffic aa well As serp Results .

Social bookmarking :-

Social bookmarking Are Now a days Play a viral role in improving Search Traffic for that WE have to create social Media Account on all social site after that WE have to Update our Blog Post in Profile hell US to Get permanent doffolow backlinks that create More customer ingagements.

These Are The Some Of The Most Common technique Used to improve our Search results.


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