Get Free Fool M416 And Joker Outfit In Pubg Mobile

If you tell me the steps that you have to redeem these items, then going down to the simple ones, you will see a radium code which will be of 10 digits and you are copying it. After copying, you will only see the button of the creative items that has to be clicked, after clicking, the simple guide will open the website in front of you. There you have to enter the ID of your publisher and not the name of the publi, you have to enter it, which you had copied from the previous redeem code. Paste in there. After pasting you have to click on the button for some time. Have to wait 4 years. After waiting, you have to open Pub G Mobile. After opening, you have to turn on Mail section of Pubzi Mobile and check there, you will get M416 Skin

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