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Google search console

In today’s articles we will learn about search consoles, Search console mainly come in mind google search console but all the search engines have their own search console such as Google bing, yandex and many more.

But todays we will learn some of the important search console and web summisison, also how it works.

Google search console –

Google search console or google webmaster master tool is a most important tool for web developer or online business owners by summiting website and sitemap it helps the search crawl to index the website in google Search engine.

How to start with google search console in wordpress

For wordpress we have to install yoast seo wordpress plugin after installing wordpress plugin go to plugin setting and select web summisison and put google console code after putting google code we have to summit our sitemap for that visit google search console select summit the sitemap and put in domain/post-sitemap.xml That finishes and it shows success and crawled URL . For blogger we have to summit blog URL in add property then visit sitemap generator And select the URL after domain and then repeat previous steps to summit sitemap.

Bing webmaster tool

After google search console the common are bing webmaster tool that helps website or blog to get organic traffic.

Bing setup

Visit bing search console and summit site in the add website section then you get code put it in yoast seo bing webmaster tool section and after summiting we have to summit sitemap in bing webmaster tool in bing webmaster tool sitemap menu.

For blogger follow the same step and your website is indexed in Binghamton search console.

Yandex webmaster tool –

After this two gaint search engine Yandex come in place and have more organic traffic and easy to rank in their search engine Yandex are mainly Chinese search engine and yoast plugin have option to put Yandex search code on yoast webmaster plugin . Just visit yandex Search console and select website that want to add follow by previous steps then Summit sitemap all search console have similar way of summiting our post or websites so it is easy to follow this steps.

There are more several search engines that is important but todays we will learn most common search consoles .

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    No one really knows how Google algorithms work Put on your party hats, I literally just was asked to trial this AI INK for All and it seems to have some sort of an an idea. In real time, the platform compares it to similar content live online . INK also let’s me know what to do to help me be a better writer.


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