Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Promoting the brand or individuals through various social media marketing channels to increase it’s reach is called social media marketing.

These channels can also be monetized by a particular products, services or even by ads. But we will talk all these letter now we have to learn how to make our own channel on some of the famous social media.

Some of the common social media channels


According to 2019 report facebook is the largest marketplace after google or some of the giants. It has largest b2c network or audience based network which is found in 2004 and has monthly 3 billions active usrs so it has huge opportunity for beginners to start his online Carrer with facebook and no cost investments. we can setup facebook page for your service or business and promote them to generate leads and can check my facebook page at Bloggingidea1 .



Let’s talk about another gaint which has owned by facebook called instagram which is also called as social media of youngesters which has almost approx 1billion active users, it mainly used by influencers to promote any brand or product but anyone can connect there facebook page with instagram and promote or sell her products or services.


Twitter is also among the most important social media marketing channels that help us to grow our online business just we have to sign-up for twitter profile.


LinkedIn is the last but most important one and have expertise in lead generation or b2b sells that have free also premium plant that provides us sales navigator which helps us to generate more industry target or group target leads.


This the most and easiest way to promote our brand or products through wordpress plugin called publicize just we have to install it in our wordpress plugin section then activate and connect all social media accounts that auto post your blog post on different channel without too much efforts.

These are the some basic and common tips of the social media marketing which help us to increase our revenue.

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