hey there i walk come together and thanks we’re treating in and
you look through had to start your own or press blog and we’re going to cover to step by step so you can get up and learning quickly let me show you what will cover in this tutorial first i walk you through the process of registering or domain
the remaining that’s what people type in to get to your website each your websites address on the internet

for instance google’s web address is a calm
and every weekenders is they get had calm so i’ll show you how to get your address for your website the next was not a posting for your website this is where your
site lives in breeze it’s your sites house on the internet and every website needs web hosting so i walk through setting
and i i’ve for your site then i’ll show you how to install wordpress which initially looks something like this and that is
and terrible had meant but don’t worry i’ll show you how to design your website and make it
beautiful with the wordpress stain for you the next step will come for our plugins
poignant or a little lamps for
but let you add new features for your site things
unlike the contact farmer photo galleries avian newsletter sign up form for your site
so we’ll cover how to do that as well and finally i walk you through
creating your first blogs so you can start sharing your ideas
with the world so if you’re ready let’s get started
the first two steps will actually covered together
i can get my domain name and hosting from the same
company the company will be using is called host or it’s a reliable who sting company that the get her we’ve been using

[SMACK] since the two thousand and seven since we do have a great long relationship with them and because we do like them so much we’ve worked them get a discount code for you
to get set up with hosting and our remaining less had over to our why persent
and all go to host later that come
from here you need to click on where this thing and will go over what you need
the business plan is for establish businesses and they get
if you more benefits that will be more needed for a business but not necessarily for a blog
so you right out me this one the hatchling plant this is really good for beginners but when you get the hatchling plan to limited
the only one domain it’s why usually recommend the baby plan because it allows for unlimited two things
so when he said to be first site you realize how much you have
bring this and if you have an idea for a second sight then you’re covered with the baby plan
so i just kind of like to do it like that
so ironic like on the baby plan and you see this price hal actually show you how you can get a for even cheaper
from here you want to registry you need
and you can type it inherent to see if it’s a viable if it’s not then you’ll get these search results like you see here suggesting others to choose from
conversely this to have up here that’s the we’ve already chosen a domain and
i’ve already purposive somewhere else you can put it in there
trilling down here i’m going to actually unchecked this i don’t
care about the main privacy and so i’m not going to play that extra money for that
now i hear you want to make sure that you have the
most implant that we set up were looking for the baby package
and from the billing cycle you can choose
so on you want to purchases from
i’m going to go with a month
next one flip jury username
ten information this is what will use to access here account
and when you down with that you want to go down and inter you’re building in
and our additional services i usually just uncheck check everything
things like back up or email you can actually get from within
they’re websites well on those here friday did here let’s in or the coupon code of beginner
and is the code that his get her is given to us so that we can pass on
a discount here
and i want to watch when you feel that outing click
but they looked down here and see the price change

you see that the price coast down too much less

and now you’re getting
but these seven percent this count to check alice go ahead and agreed to the terms of surface here and click check out
now you get an email next that will give you all the information that eaters in
richard them you want to keep that any hurry records
and actually want to click on the link
i’ll take you to the log in to work on your website
most well post companies use something company
panel it’s like i dashboards that shows you everything that you can do for your website
so we’re going to log in here
or i once we log in you see all of this information around here but you in year

you’re now in your dashboard area for your websiteand as you can see there are several things that you can work on
because there are sorrow things that you can use to
to work on your website but we want to scroll the way down to the bottom
we’re looking for the quick install area
and once we click on that
click on the wordpress press area
and that’s grown head in install it for free so i click install wordpress here right now it’s fell at theformer installing wordpress are going on
believe this first on blank because we’re we want to install wordpress and then next


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