So how are hello guys? All of you guys will be great, so Jasiya is watching my video, so let me tell you how you have to register of Battleground Mobile India, all of you will know that Battlegrounds Mobile India has been created in your India, which is coming in the name of Battleground Mobile India, so that agriculture is made for our India only and then you will He will have to register for free. First of all, if you do not register for free, then you cannot download the battlegrounds Mobile India, then you will have to go to the botton to register for Battleground Mobile India for free. And I have given you a black color button, where it is written. Free registration, you have to click on it as you click on it. Directly you will go to a play store. You will search directly on the play store. Nothing will be found in Battleground Mobile India. Ok where you You have to click on given there. You will click there. You will get the option to register in the Go Again Play Store in the Play Store.

Redeem Code :- 9864320654

So Hello Guys, you must have already done free registration and after legitimate free registration, many people were asking me that when will Bhai Battlegrounds Mobile India be launched. We have done free registration, but when the time will come in our mobile, brother is waiting for the time to wait. In the add, I am going to tell you the release date when you will get it. Battleground Mobile India will be inside your mobile. This is the date. On August 10, on June 10, you will find Battlegrounds Mobile India inside the Play Store, and your trailer is going to come in 4 or 5 days, then wait and see it on June 10. Battleground India Mobile and you will get updates in Play Store, OK.

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