Get Free Glaicer M416 In Pubg Mobile And Bgmi

Tu Guise In today’s video I am going to tell you that how you will get Glacier M4 16 sim for absolutely free, so jasiya is watching my video. Vivek You have to click on the title. You will write the title the same way. If the description box will open, will everyone get the first link in the description box where it will be written? Please give Glacier m416 skin to you by clicking on it as you would click on it. Directly you will go to a browser. You will come to a website. Ok so what do you have to do on the website. You will be. Get free game and bike written in the title.

You will also get this glacier M416 in pubg mobile. And you will also get Glacier M416 skin in BGMI. If you get both, then you have to click on my title. Title as you click. The description box will open. OK you don’t go away. After going to the bottom you will get a rate in courses which will be a fan stand shock. You have to copy the redeem code from it. After copying, you will see the button of Redeem screen of fixed black color. You have to click on it OK as you would click on it. You will come directly to the interface. When you will reach the update pubg game center, then what you will have to do there and feel there. I’ll tell you what to do on the phone. You have to fill in your ID. Put the name of the mobile that was copied to put it.

After clicking on the submit button, now you have to wait 24 hours that after 24 hours you have to open my pubg mobile or you have to open your BGMI, after opening you have to close the mailbox of pubg mobile there. Ok again you have to restart pubg mobile. After 5:00 minutes you have to open pubg mobile again. After opening OK, you will have to call your pubg mobile’s mailbox and there you will Get Free Glaicer M416 Skin Thank you brother, if not the price, then you will meet again by trouble. And thank you in the video.

Redeem Code :- 8761005380

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